About the Mt. Diablo Challenge

October 3, 2021 will be the 38th year that Mt. Diablo State Park will close the road for this epic bicycle climbing event to benefit Save Mt. Diablo and the Mt. Diablo interpretive Center.  The 11.2 mile, individually-timed ride climbs 3,249 feet to the summit of Mt. Diablo starting up South Gate Road. Mt. Diablo is one of the highest peaks in the San Francisco Bay Area with views of the Farallon Islands and the Sierras. The road is closed for safety and it is limited to 1000 cyclists.  The ride welcomes all ages, abilities, teams and bicycle types.  The first waves ascend without any descending bicycle traffic.  It's a one a year opportunity to enjoy riding the mountain without cars. Celebrate after the ride with free BBQ, awards ceremony and music.  It’s an epic ride that provides breathtaking scenery while testing your climbing ability. 

At the top, there is food and drink that is much needed after that epic climb. Then cyclists descend and ride over to Monte Vista High School to pick up their goodies, and celebrate winners in 16 age categories, including King and Queen of the Mountain. There is great BBQ, beverages, vendors and music for a grand celebration! 



Preparing for The Challenge

There are many local rides up Mt. Diablo during the week and on the weekend. We recommend riding up the Mountain during the week if at all possible to avoid the weekend traffic If you cannot ride during the week, an early morning ride up the mountain can be nice, especially on an overcast day because most drive up the mountain for the view. Just remember to stay as far right as safely possible and use pullouts when cars are behind you. When you descend, stay close to the right because many cars try to pass cyclists on blind curves. 

Here are some training rides to help prepare you for the Challenge

Valley Spokesmen MDC Training Rides
Check the 
www.Valleyspokesmen.org ride calendar for up-to-date information.

Here are some climbing tips to help you improve your technique:

Event Day

Everyone arrives early to check in for the event at Monte Vista High School located at 3131 Stone Valley Road, Danville, CA. Then cyclists ride over to Athenian School on Mt. Diablo Scenic Blvd. to get ready for their wave. Cyclists are grouped in waves based on the time they think it will take to finish the climb.

The first wave starts at 8:30 am and continue every few minutes. The first waves get to ascend using the whole road. Later waves must stay to the right.

At the top, there is a mini-celebration with food and beverages to replenish after the climb. Then cyclists descend in waves and ride over to Monte Vista High School for a grand celebration with lots of delicious BBQ, drink, music, goodies and awards! Invite the family to join you there for the festivities!

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